Application Project Plan (APP) Planning Sheet


Carrara Knoetgen and MaDonna Staiber

Tentative Title

NYConnections: Eminent Domain and the Watershed

Target Audience

4th grade students from NYC and upstate NY

Brief Description

Upstate NY villages are stewards of the drinking water. It is a sustainable natural resource taken for granted by many NY residents both in rural and urban areas. These activities will help students gain knowledge of where their water comes from. Students will begin to understand how water is essential for life and that there is only a fraction of fresh water available for human consumption. Basic assessment of this subject knowledge will be obtained before and after activities.

Science Curriculum Goals

  • Natural resources
  • Eminent domain
  • Watershed

Media Literacy Curriculum Goals

  • Students will engage in online discourse using appropriate netiquette
  • Students will use social networking technology to connect and share ideas with others from diverse backgrounds over long distance
  • Students will analyze media for bias and will seek to understand alternative viewpoints

Other Goals

  • Students will gain a sense of place, understanding the relationship between urban and rural areas

Proposed Activities

  • Where is all the fresh water in the world ?( materials: ice cube tray , Tbs. , cotton ball, cup of soil, gallon of water , salt ,eye dropper )
  • Water Cycle – charts , graphs , Vocabulary words: precipitation, evaporation, condensation, ground water, watershed, run off, infiltration
  • NY reservoir system … mapping exercise (materials: Large NYS reservoir system map, student copies, 20 Student copies of Magic School Bus at the Waterworks.)
  • Connection – A day in the life of a drop of water story activity, where a molecule of water travels from the playground at SCS to PS 33
  • Letters to Pen pals and discussions on EdModo about water usage and awareness
  • Media decoding lesson - Have students analyze clips from Shavertown and Deep Water DVDs. To see the opposite viewpoint, we would have them review Tap'd NY website


  • Pre and Post Quiz on where water comes from posted on EdModo
  • Water cycle Vocabulary Quiz
  • Response to decoding activities


  • EdModo
  • Media clips/articles dealing with eminent domain from the following sources:
    • (2009). Tap'd NY. Tapped Drinks, Inc. Retrieved from
    • Bennet, A., et al. (2009). The Catskills: A sense of place. Water resources. The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, Inc.
    • Bernhardt, J., (Executive Producer), Redden, W., & Heavey, C. (Directors). (2007). Shavertown: A reservoir of memories.[Motion Picture]. (Available from Andes Central School, 85 Delaware Ave., Andes, NY
    • Carey, T., Dupree, R. & Traum, A. (Producers and Directors). (2005). Deep water: The true story of the Ashokan Reservoir, the Schoharie Reservoir and the ten lost towns[Motion picture]. (Available from Willow Mixed Media, P.O. Box 194, Glenford, NY 12433 or
    • Cole, J. (1986). The magic school bus at the waterworks. New York: Scholastic.


  • Time

Planning Steps

  1. Attend LSTA workshops
  2. Collaborate with NYC teachers and students
  3. Gather resources
  4. Introduce students to EdModo network
  5. Present students with opportunities to discover and assess media from various viewpoints
  6. Evaluate student ability to analyze media and formulate conclusions based on various sources