Application Project Plan (APP) Planning Sheet


Debra Covell and Erin Brown

Tentative Title

Weather - Connecting ELA & Science

Target Audience

Grades 3 - 5

Brief Description

Students will search for weather websites to analyze for credibility and utility to create a weather forecast for a targeted audience.
This is an ELA and science connection with a focus on snow.

Curriculum Goals

Weather and climate for grades 3 - 5:
  1. Students will use set criteria to evaluate websites critically.
  2. Students will be able to identify the four major weather indicators (temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind)
  3. Students will be able to apply their research to their daily lives.
  4. Students will write poetry based on weather.
NYS Standards
Physical Setting/ Earth and Space Core Curriculum
Key Idea 2: Many of the phenomena that we observe on Earth involve interactions among components of air, water, and land
Grade - Elementary
Describe the relationship among air, water, and land on Earth
Major Understandings:
2.1a Weather is the condition of the outside air at a particular moment
2.1b Weather can be described and measured by
  • temperature
  • wind speed and direction
  • form and amount of precipitation
  • general sky conditions (cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy)
Map Skills for grades 3 - 5:
Students will be able to read and use maps including understanding a key, symbols, and reading longitude and latitude.
Media Literacy for grades 3 - 5:
  1. Students will search for weather websites for targeted areas.
  2. Students will analyze websites for credibility and utility.

Media Literacy Goals
Students will access and evaluate online information to determine accuracy, relevance, and the timeliness of the information they locate.

Other Goals
To teach and learn about weather and media

Websites: Trust or Not?!? Game
Introduction: When you click on the Internet in the library a website always pops up. Look at the questions and think about the site. Is this a site you TRUST or NOT? Why? Discuss .org, .edu, .gov vs .com
Websites: Trust or Not?!? game to critique the trustworthiness and usefulness of a website to accomplish a goal. With the critera WWW listed below as a separate window (or on a chart next to SmartBoard), go to various websites for students to evaluate. After a few minutes ask students - Trust or Not?!? Each student will use red stop sign or a green go sign to hold up individual answers for immediate fact check.
WWW Questions for Online Searching
  1. Who wrote this and what credentials do they have?
  2. Why was it written?
  3. When was it written?
Students will search online various sites to find accurate, relevant information regarding the four major factors in determining the weather.
Using "Web Weather for Kids" introduce students to the four main ingredients of weather.
Introduce a snow scientist to the class using BookFlix to watch Snowflake Bentley, a biography about photographing snow crystals. (lesson attached by Haley)
Read The Snow Show by Carolyn Fisher and distribute the Snow Show activity kit available from the author's website.
(lesson attached by Haley)

This game combines weather knowledge, sailing knowledge, map reading skills, problem solving, cooperative learning and weather forecasting in an interactive quest to circumnavigate the globe.
Class size: small groups of 3-4 students
Time: 2-3 one hour blocks.

First: Log into website for windward game and follow prompts.

Students will complete a daily travel log for each CHALLENGE
Travel Log for Group
Day through Day

Map Skills
Pressure Systems
Wind Speeds _

Weather Alerts
Describe Alert...
Your Group Chose...
The result...

Research from sailing resources needed to move forward in the race:

Research from weather resources needed to move forward in the race:

Activity #3
School wide research and prediction activity
Class size: Any
Students log into (or other weather resource) and report the following information about the days weather forecast:

Temperature: Daily Highs and Lows

They discuss as a class and predict whether recess will be indoors or outdoors.
Students need to submit their prediction by 11:00am
At 11:20am there will be an announcement over the buildings intercom system announcing either Recess Indoors or Outdoors
The winning classes will earn ten points for each correct prediction. 200pts = Free time in the Science Lab

  • Students will research an online resource to forecast the four major weather indicators to a target audience (their classmates) and Predict the weather for recess.
  • For the Windward game students combine weather knowledge, sailing knowledge, map reading skills, problem solving, cooperative learning and weather forecasting in an interactive quest to circumnavigate the globe.
  • Who, What are their credentials, Why did they write it, When was it written for all sources I am using?

"Web Weather for Kids" is user friendly and focuses on learning how to forecast the weather in a straightforward, logical sequence with four major ingredients.
Includes weather websites, jokes, myths, books, videos, and glossary.
Interactive guide to every aspect of weather for kids, includes a teacher guide.
Channel nine news, wsyr syracuse: flashy, videos, graphs and a newscaster. ocal. purpose - inform, does this help you accomplish the goal (is recess indoor or out), who: meterologists (science of weather), target audience? you, local residents, when wass it written? Current, yes

Weather skaneateles local, but from a national us site... good who is this, what is their purpose, who is their target audience? game trust or not?


Planning Steps

  1. Lesson #1: WWW Game (attach file)
  2. Select groups, predict "recess: indoors or out," research their geographic region for weather and climate information.
  3. Present their findings.
  4. Create the broadcast for State Street News/weather prediction for morning announcement.
  5. Post production key questions for credibility and utility.