How to download and save a YouTube video

There are many ways to download YouTube videos, and you may very well have your own method. The following method has the benefit of offering multiple options for video quality, does not require you to submit your email address in order to download the video, and can be used without downloading any software.

The downside is that you need the YouTube video link in order to use the website, so this method will not work using your school's internet access if YouTube is blocked.

It's also important to note that THIS WEBSITE CONTAINS ADS. Do not click on the very large "DOWNLOAD" buttons. It will be clear when your video is ready to download.

Here is the step-by-step process. If you have any questions or would like more help, feel free to email Zach (
  • Find the YouTube video that you wish to download and copy the link.
  • Go to
  • Paste the YouTube link in the URL bar displayed in the center of the screen. Hit the small download button at the end of the URL bar.
  • Wait for the website to download the video. A popup will appear asking you to allow or deny the website's operation. This is not downloading a virus, it's simply allowing the website to do what it's made for.
  • A list of links will appear after a waiting time. The length of time will depend on how large the video you're downloading is. From here there are three relevant options for you to decide on the format you wish to use:
    • "Download MP4" - This is generally the best option, and is a standard video format that can be embedded in any presentations you may be using.
    • "Download FLV" - This is a standard video format used with all YouTube videos, and is a good format if you will be posting the video on a website.
    • "Download MP3" - If you will only be using the audio from a video on YouTube, this is a good option, especially if the video is only a single image or a distracting slideshow.
  • Now you need to decide on the quality. Here is a breakdown of the different qualities that may be available depending on the video:
    • 240p - The lowest quality available on YouTube. File size is small, but video quality is sacrificed and will look very poor on a projector.
    • 360p/480p - This is typically your best option. The standard video quality. The difference between the two is almost zero.
    • 720p - This is high-definition (HD) quality, and the file size is much larger because of this. Most projectors and screens in schools don't support HD, so using this option is usually not necessary unless detail quality is a must.
    • 1080p - The highest quality available, with the largest file size. It's never necessary to use this quality.
  • Once you have made your decisions, click on the link you want and choose where to save the video. If it will be used in a presentation, saving it in the same folder as the presentation is recommended. (EXPLAIN SAVING BETTER)