Application Project Plan (APP) Planning Sheet

You might want to look at some of the other projects to get some ideas. Here are a few of my ideas:
* compare media constructions abut different energy sources and their "green" messages and evaluate for accuracy, credibility and bias (e.g. what are the messages, what techniques used, what is left out, how does the document reflect the view of the producer?)
* make evaluative judgments about "Greenwash" or "meaningful attempt to address environmental concerns"
* study the environmental impact of different energy sources
* evaluate the utility, credibility, accuracy and bias of different online sources, apply to their research (and annotated bibliography including credibility and utility)
* create media messages about each energy source, perhaps from different perspectives
* hold a debate (public, televised?) where students advocate for particular energy sources, perhaps using media they found or even created


Julia Iannello, Suzanne Johnson and Mike Hamilton

Tentative Title

Evaluating Alternative Energy Resources

Target Audience

6th grade

Brief Description

Which alternative fuel source is the most environmentally 'green'. Students will get background knowledge about fossil fuels in the US, the BP oil spill and environmental impact. Students will then decode a BP commercial, and will research alternative fuel sources. After research students will present the pros of their alternative fuel source, and the other students will try to find what the cons are, or what is left out of the presentation. Much like BP leaves the bad facts out of their commercial. Students will have debate about the different alternative fuel sources, and which one may be the best.

Curriculum Goals

6th grade science

Media Literacy Goals

Encourage inquiry
Critical Thinking
Who produces websites and commercials
What is left out of commercials/ bias of producers

Other Goals

Impact on environment
Identifying credible resources & rate websites and resources
Carbon footprint of alternative fuel source

Proposed Activities

Research and critique various sources
Find one - three media resources to use in the final presentation to justify position


Final presentation which will be oral with slideshow & media resources to support point of view
The debate or discussion
Worksheet with leading questions
Through students response and written piece making credible argument for alternative fuel source of choice


Websites that will be given to each group
Informational Text


Time for groups to meet and research

Planning Steps

  1. Intro to fossil fuels with background knowledge about BP and how to do critical analysis of media literacy like decoding
  2. Intro alternative fuels, and will give students resources to use in groups
  3. Demonstrate final product expectation and rubric
  4. Students will answer leading questions about their alternative fuel source within their group. They will determine the pros of their fuel source and prepare a presentation.
  5. All groups will present with discussion from class