Library Science Teachers Alliance

Integrating 21st Century Information Literacy Skills into the Curriculum

To give teams of science teachers and librarians the training, resources and support they need to develop models for integrating 21st century information literacy skills into the science curriculum.

Fall (Oct) Workshop:
This will include introductions to critical thinking and media literacy, frameworks for integrating media literacy, specific training in integrating constructivist media decoding into the elementary science classroom, tools for integrating media production, and time for the teams to meet. Each librarian/science teacher team will begin designing an integration project plan.

Fall Coaching:
Between trainings, each team will be coached by Project Look Sharp trainer Chris Sperry or Cyndy Scheibe as they design and begin implementing an integration project. Each team will document progress on their project on the LSTA Wiki and provide feedback in preparation for the winter workshop.

Winter (Dec/Jan) Workshop:
This will be structured based on input from teams after the fall training but will include discussion and training to support the integration projects.

Winter Coaching:
Chris or Cyndy will continue coaching each team through the implementation and evaluation of their projects and the documenting of their lesson plan.

Half-Day Spring (March/April) Symposium:
Each team will have 15 minutes to formally present their integration projects and receive feedback from the group. We will coordinate the comletionfo your lesson plans and media materials for posting to the web.